Privacy Policy

Personal information collected on the website:

We collect personal information such as your full name, email address, phone number, and others. These information will be used to contact you in discussing possible business relationship with us.

We will never sell the information to 3rd parties unless this is part of the basic undertaking of our service.

Design Haus Medy collects data through your use of the website, including your registration details and information related to how you navigate and use our website and services.

Use of Information:

You agree that Design Haus Medy may use this information to verify your identity and for promotions and marketing. Design Haus Medy may dislose your full name and other personal information as part of the service we provide, to relevant parties as we see fit.


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Third Parties:

Design Haus Medy may contain links to third party websites including offers and services. If you sign up at a third party service or pay for any third party products or services, you accept that you are responsible to the new privacy policies on the service you are using outside of