Creating a blend of cultures

Creating a blend of cultures

Khalil Al Sayed Al Hashemi and Medy Nahravani CEOs of Bold Bespoke Design

Straightforward, practical and business driven; are words that describe Khalil Al Sayed Al Hashemi perfectly. On the other hand, we have the suave, artistic and creative MedyNahravani. Even though both of them descend from completely different cultures – Arabian and German respectively, they bring together the best of their heritage while striving to build the dreams of others through their organization, Bold Bespoke Design. Having designed some of the finest homes across the UAE, they have truly redefined bespoke luxury living. Elegante’ unleashes their alliance, discovering their different tastes, likings and lifestyles.

A German and an Arab is a unique combination that one could have come across. How did the two of you meet?

Khalil: We met a while ago. I was searching for a good architecture company, which could design my villa in those days. I was sitting in my office and my friend introduced me to Medy. As he sat down, I asked him to draw a sketch of an idea I had for my office. When he drew it, I was certain that I had to go ahead with him only. And when he completed designing my office, it was just mind blowing. I had never come across all begun.

How did Khalil add to your expertise, Medy?

Medy: Khalil has a lot of experience because he has worked with a lot of different markets like fashion, shipping and hospitality. His experience really helped us to grow. For the first six months, we simply travelled and explored various markets around and looked at their expertise. Khalil loves investing in different projects and his experimenting nature allows best for our company.

Khalil: For me, Medy is the best architect you can find. He has such a fine taste and he knows exactly what he wants so it makes the entire process very interesting. I feel every business needs to have one key person involved in it who knows everything about that particular industry. Medy hence takes care of the creative aspect and I take care of the business side of it and that is how we maintain the balance.

When you look back, what are the first thoughts that strike your mind in terms of your achievements?

Medy: We had our office in Germany first and then we moved into Dubai with a lot of experience and knowledge about the materials and finishing which we thought would help Dubai grow as a city. After 9 – 10 years of establishing a presence and working in Dubai, I feel if we were to go back to Germany, we would actually even contribute to their styles of designs because with the amount of 5 star hotels in Dubai, the luxury resorts, nightclubs, salons etc; the experience we have gained here can be used absolutely anywhere.

Khalil: I am an investor so I prefer to look ahead. I cannot sit with working on a new project so there has to be something going on constantly in my life otherwise it will become boring. Thriving on challenges keeps my life going. When I achieve success in one project, I look into another project and give my best there to make that work too. For now, I have been an entrepreneur for the past 15 years across a variety of industries and I look forward to many more years of success to come.

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