The Cake Bar

The Cake Bar in Dubai, Jumeirah

The Cake Bar Project in Dubai, Jumeirah was finished in May 2015 and stands out in its field of pastry restaurants with its unique design and features. The new interior design of the Cake Bar by CLSE Interior Architects consists of natural materials such as solid oak wood, Palissandro marble and real plants on a vertical garden wall.

The ground floor area is divided into two main areas – The sales counter and customer sitting and the bakery workshop. The two areas are separated by a freestanding partition with two huge sliding doors and the vertical garden.

Once entering into the one recognises the generous amount of natural light provided through the big window front. First eye catcher is the bar counter with its natural oak wood surface bordered by the white Palissandro marble. Randomly arranged pendant lights in white-golden finish bathe the counter in warm light.

The marble finds its response on the table tops of the customers seating arranged in small groups. A couch on the wall side provides a cosy corner. The fabric of the upholstery chimes in with the warm and natural tones of light brown, milk-coffee and cream chocolate.

Directing the view towards the industrial ceiling is coloured in a tone of light brown unveils the main feature of the design. A massive suspended oak wood strip wraps the counter area along the walls and continues in white micro-cement tiles on the floor. The strip of white floor contrasts with the general floor colour in light grey.

White shelves with stainless tell inlays compliment the wood as display for the creations of the bakery artists. As hydraulic wall tiles alternate with the wood claddings a tension is created between the two textures.

Passing through the enormous sliding doors, stairs guide the way upstairs towards the big kitchen in the first floor. The steps are covered in the same light grey floor tiles as used in the ground floor main areas. The handrail is composed in light oak as well.

The walls in the bakery workshop area behind the “green wall” are covered with high-glossy white, tiles with bevelled edges in small format and give a “workshop” character to the area. Underneath the stairs is the smaller kitchen where the bakery team conducts private trainings and showcases their arts for small groups. A big counter of absolute black granite with bar chairs serves as “workshop” table.

Standing outside and facing the outer elevation, the Cake Bar draws immediate attention with its contemporary design that features solid wood and black granite. A cantilever canopy with black silk-matt finish holds a set of down lights that illuminate the wall with indirect light. The modern outdoor table sets round-up the outstanding appearance of this one-of-a-kind bakery shop.

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