Casa Della Vita

Nadd al Sheba, Dubai

Casa Della Vita in Nadd al Sheba, Dubai

A modern residential villa in the City of Dubai – comes to be the life home of a very fresh and small family which recently decided to be independent . 

The concept of the design was derived out of the significant life stage that the client family is going through .

so the concept captures and responds to that stage.

This was basically represented by the tree with all what it carries of meanings of roots , branches , leaves and fruits the same meaning that represents the principles of the client family and current life stage .

Geometrically, the zigzag and edgy slaps that comes in a strait line and cover the house represents the ups and downs in life that every family faces. Yet the rooms that are steady and stabile with clean rectangular shapes visualize the family’s strength and solidity while facing life in all its stages.

Architecturally, the playful arrangement with transparent and solid surfaces creates fascinating insights and outlooks. The interior melts in together with the outside space. The landscaping flows through the building and finds its continuation with the pool and meadow area. Because of the refined external design and the arrangement of the pool, garden and house the whole concept seems like a unity with seamless transitions. 

The building has a compact volume with a ground floor and two upper floors. 

The pool is integrated in the house structure and partly surmounted by the first floor slap and almost viewed by all gathering areas in the house.

Open spaces are considered to achieve the modern space planning and design yet the Middle Eastern family requires privacy and conservation of their life style is still served in a very smooth way with the separated Majless area and living room .

The building is inspired by the owner and the personal detail of his and his family life, which makes it a unique piece of art that carries many meanings in its architecture and details.

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