Central Exchange

Baniyas Square, Dubai

Central Exchange in Baniyas Square, Dubai

The Central Exchange office in the heart of Deira at the creek is probably the most outstanding designed exchange office of its kind.

The site was previously used as clothes shop in the buzzing shopping area.

The interior space was completely transformed and divided into 2 exchange counter areas and 3 management offices including archive, pantry and a server room. 

Access provides the main entrance – to the public exchange counter - a second entrance leads directly into the office area.

The design concept combines elliptic shapes interacting with stripes in grey tones with highlights in powerful yellow. 

The ellipses are yellow rugs that direct towards the main exchange counter. The biggest ellipses find a reflection on the ceiling  - here as bulkheads with cove lights. The unique design of the main counter marks the eye catcher in this project. It takes the ellipses from the floor and casts them in the vertical dimension like shadows. Above the counter from white “Corian” they transform into openings – as windows for teller and customer to communicate and exchange face-to–face.

The flooring consists mostly of a customised carpet with light and dark grey stripes and one single black stripe that are only interrupted by the yellow ellipses. Letting the view follow the black stripe along three steps upwards into the corridor the single strip leads up the wall to the ceiling. Here it continues in a 15cm recess, returning back to the main counter. On its way along the ceiling the black strip accommodates single spotlights in groups of three. 

The customised furniture responds to the curves of the ellipses with rounded edges on the desks, cabinet units, reception desk and the small counters.

The “x” is the branded identity of Central Exchange and finds itself on the frosted glass partitions for the managers offices.

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