Mumbai Street Restaurant

Deira, Dubai

Mumbai Street Restaurant in Deira, Dubai

Dubai is a city where fancy life and restaurants is very common ,

Yet street food is still demanded by large amount of people and yet is very few people who took this in to the next level and introduce it to the market with high standers .

Our client idea was to bring the street food of India to a high standard yet to keep the look and the experience in it.

The concept of this restaurant was simply to bring one whole street of Mumbai to the inside of the restaurant with all what it means ,

Pavements ,street lights ,singes 

We even went to the finest details by adding the toktok plate numbers on the table holders , and bringing the lights from the upside down street to lighten the tables of the customers .

The whole place is cladded by corrugated sheets and materials that any one would see in a regular street of Mumbai.

A very simple idea that hits directly to the point of living an experiencing the street food of India in the heart of Dubai.

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