Sunlight Villa

Al Ain, UAE

Sunlight Villa in Al Ain, UAE

An ultra modern residential villa in the center of Al Ain - embedded in the calm area of “Al Sidrah” well-known for its natural and green areas. 

The building is a multi-level house consisting of the ground floor, two upper floors and a rooftop with service floor. From the construction point of view the house is built to meet a very high standard and high end finishes to dress the structure in a finishing that can match the innovative design of the architecture.

The design concept complements the nature of its surroundings and invites the greenery, wind, sunlight and freshness not only to the yard but also into the heart of the structure.

An wind tower made of glass and open to the sky is placed in the middle of the living area. With multiple terraces for access to the 4 levels and flexible partitions for opening it provides the feeling of freedom and openness. Dark and tight spaces shall not exist; instead the nature blends in with the modern interior spaces. 

Natural light can enter is in all areas of this residential villa, 

Wind circulation in the middle of the villa is provided in the same generosity as on the out side.

This villa was designed to be a changing landmark in that area and to bring modernity in its best suits introducing the idea of sustainability and using nature inside the house not only out of it.

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